Following the success of a project management business he had founded 20 years earlier, Octant AI founder David Porter took a sabbatical to study a Masters of Major Programme Management at the University of Oxford Business School. During this time, he was inspired by Oxford’s unique research and collaboration environment to solve the chronic problem of poor project performance.

Co-founder and fellow Australian Master’s student Cuong Quang conceived a way to combine world-leading University of Oxford research with machine learning technology. David and Cuong together with US based co-founder Cody Stavig leveraged their Oxford experience to develop a revolutionary AI driven way to improve project performance across all industries and multiple project key result areas. Cody Stavig is a U.S.-based entrepreneur and serves as Non Executive Director, Fundraising Committee Advisor and U.S. representative for Enterprise Sales within Octant AI. Cody played a vital role in driving new business success by assisting in raising $3+ million in capital.

Thus began the journey of Octant AI, from concept to a commercial platform.

Octant AI now encompasses experienced project managers, data scientists, machine learning experts, and committed software professionals to deliver custom project management that accurately improves project performance.

At Octant AI we see poor project performance as a significant social issue – with each overrun a missed social benefit. Our vision is to utilise AI technology to sustainably reduce project overruns and in turn, create a paradigm change in projects we have not seen in the last century.

We invite you to join the emerging ecosystem of AI driven project management.

“I believe in the project management industry and I have been a part of it for my whole career. Yet we all know that despite the best efforts of talented and committed professionals, projects continue to underperform. We have shown that AI technology can make a stepped improvement and the world will be better for it. That’s something worth doing.”

David Porter, Managing Director Octant AI

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