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Octant Business: Octant AI launches a game changing financial risk product on-line

AI is suddenly on everyone’s agenda. Companies are realising that if they do not adopt and use AI they are at risk of being left behind.

There are many AI innovations sweeping the construction industry. Octant AI has targeted one of the biggest challenges in construction – achieving reliable, predictable bottom-line profitability.

Over the last few years Octant AI’s extensive R&D and collaboration with industry has come together with a breakthrough on-line product aimed at empowering all construction related organizations, everywhere in the world.

Octant Business is aimed at executives seeking to manage financial risk and maximise financial performance across portfolios and projects within their business. CEO’s, company owners, CFO’s, Risk Executives and Commercial and Delivery Directors find Octant Business gives them critical knowledge and insights that have been unattainable till now.

Octant Business dynamically and accurately answers two questions that construction executives ask themselves every day:

  • What will the financial outcome be?
  • What is the true financial risk.

Our objective has been to make this technology available to the widest possible range of construction related firms, large and small.

You can expect:

  1. Up to 200% improvement in forecasting accuracy
  2. Up to 40% early warning of financial performance risk.
  3. Predictive capability customised automatically to your company, doing your projects, in your location.
  4. Easy and intuitive to use with no requirement to change or disrupt any company systems.
  5. Self-onboard in less than a day requiring only small amounts of routine data.
  6. Continuously improving.
  7. Endlessly expandable through adding additional data sets for improved granularity of predictive insights.
  8. Low cost / high value.

Octant Business is in its Beta phase and we are seeking innovative and tech-savvy construction linked organisations who want to get better financial performance through leveraging their data quickly, easily and at low cost.

Octant Business