Our team’s capability and technology leadership is recognised globally with support from major infrastructure firms and clients, major industry experts, academics and government agencies.

“The technology that powers Octant AI has provided an impactful proof of concept and yields actionable insights into project underrun and overrun.”

Dr Alexander Budzier, Director Oxford Global Projects

“Using BMD’s historical information and artificial intelligence is showing promising signs of improved commercial outcomes. We anticipate the next steps of implementation will provide tangible business benefits.”

Patrick Pearl - BMD Urban Group Business Systems Manager

“Overall (Octant) AI technologies have demonstrated capabilities that enhance capital productivity, portfolio performance, early warning capability and a decrease in monitoring costs.”

Matthew Bereni, National Business Leader, Operations, ARRB

World Bank

The World Bank Independent Evaluation Group (“WBIEG”) engaged Octant AI in 2020 to evaluate whether Artificial Intelligence could enrich insights and improve the scale, speed and efficiency of complex portfolio evaluations. This allows World Bank to learn from vast amounts of historical performance data to understand whether its goals have been achieved, and to improve the performance of future projects.

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Hong Kong Development Bureau

Oxford Global Projects was approached by Hong Kong Development Bureau (HKDP) which oversees a large portfolio of infrastructure and building projects. Oxford Global Projects, which was co-founded by Professor Bent Flyvbjerg and Dr Alex Budzier, collaborated with Octant AI to test the ability of AI to predict cost and time over and underruns over the portfolio.

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Australian Road Research Board and NACOE for Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads

The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR), in collaboration with the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) and the National Asset Centre of Excellence (NACOE) engaged Octant AI to investigate whether AI could improve productivity of its capital-intensive portfolio of transport projects in Queensland.

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