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Video Overview

Watch a seven-minute product overview video on YouTube here.

What is Octant Business?

Octant Business is a cloud-based software product that uses artificial intelligence to help you find financially distressed projects in your portfolio earlier and more accurately than conventional methods.

It uses a safe, secure, and easy to understand AI model that has been trained specifically on your business data to help you make more accurate financial predictions on your current portfolio of projects.

You use dashboards at the portfolio and project levels to quickly identify financially distressed projects.

This augments your existing expertise and experience, and is not a replacement for your expert judgement.

Octant AI makes portfolio and project-level predictions of final financial performance, based on patterns it has learnt from your business and current conditions. Using powerful artificial intelligence and statistical algorithms on your data, it provides earlier and more accurate early warning of financial distress in your business by highlighting which projects are at the most risk of financial loss.


  • Safe and private: Your data is safe in private Amazon Web Services storage. We never share your raw data with others
  • Easy to use: Intuitive dashboards with intelligent commentary to help you quickly find financially distressed projects
  • Easy to calibrate: Only 30 completed projects needed to build a customised model for your organisation
  • Compatible with your systems: Data can be easily extracted to your other software systems. No integration required
  • Easy to expand: Unlimited number of projects to view at both portfolio and project level
  • Easy to understand: Octant Business uses financial data that many businesses like yours routinely use for financial and project management of their projects