Security Point of Contact

For security issues other than those described elsewhere on this page, please contact, and we will respond to your inquiry as soon as practicable.

Data security

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This document covers:

  • Product architecture
  • Amazon Web Services Data Hosting Security details
  • Render Data Hosting Security details
  • Octant AI FAQ:
    • Governance
    • IAAA – Identity, Authentication, Authorisation, Accountability
    • Vulnerability Management
    • Security Features
    • Encryption
    • Resilience
  • Vulnerability and Penetration reports

Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence

We make our AI technology trustworthy by:

  1. Providing comprehensive personal and product guidance during onboarding.
  2. Empowering you to tune project risk factors to influence Octant AI predictions so that you control how Octant AI predicts based on your expertise.
  3. Giving you options to train Octant on your own data so that it is customised to your business.
  4. Giving you training that shows you the strengths and limitations of AI.
  5. Helping you to interpret AI dashboards and results so you can take meaningful business action.
  6. Offering validation of Octant AI on past data so you can be confident Octant AI is accurate to your business.

Contact if you want proof of Octant AI accuracy on your business data.

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