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It works – now what?

It is an enlightening experience when customers realise that our AI technology works, and that is has the capacity to identify problem projects. Reaching this point is a significant milestone. Octant AI’s predictions are then referenced in project review meetings to analyse the differences in AI and traditional predictions.

These early warnings highlight the importance of project managers exploring the details and taking an involved approach with this technology.

Project decisions are currently based on information coming from the project on the ground through various reporting systems. Therefore, the questions asked are driven by only the presented information.

Project managers have told us so many times: ‘This project did not go to plan. I wish I had known about this earlier so that I could have done something about it.’ Octant AI’s predictions facilitate early intervention,  assist earlier decision making and can prevent time and budget wastage.

Litigation thrives on projects going badly and attempted recovery strains supplier and client resources.

AI early warning provides decisions makers with the opportunity to abandon this inefficient approach.