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The end of cost and time overruns in major programme management?

Time and cost overruns are a well-known feature of major infrastructure and IT projects around the world.

Hitting the headlines regularly are reports of budgets spiralling out of control, and projects completing months or years past their proposed launch dates, negatively impacting companies, cities or even whole economies.

Two alumni of the MSc Major Programme Management (MMPM) at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford are changing that by bringing AI to the sector. David Porter, a successful businessman with no previous exposure to AI, and Cuong Quang, a project manager with industrial AI experience, met in 2015 on the MMPM and set up Endeavour Programme. Cuong has commercialised his AI innovations through Endeavour Programme to tackle the issues that surround the effective delivery of mega-projects and break the cycle of failure.

Read the full article at Said Business School here.