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Data Embarrassment and Confidentiality

After gaining customer interest in Octant AI we inquire about their data. Where is your data stored, how is it stored, do you have consistent data, what sort of data is available? These questions along with many others help us develop an understanding of how their data structures influence practical business challenges.

Many potential customers are unable to answer these questions. Therefore, they suffer from what we call ‘data embarrassment’ regarding the perception of the quality and completeness of their data. Many believe that feeding the AI ‘bad’ data predictions causes inaccuracies.

Our response is: It does not matter how ‘bad’ the data is, provided you have the original budget and final cost and/or time data. Octant AI learns from actual project performance, so when given a new project to predict it recognises previous patterns.

In construction and other sectors, data confidentiality is a concern for many customers. Endeavour Programme built Octant AI in the Amazon Web Services cloud. This provides multiple levels of protection, as it holds the data securely in the geographical jurisdiction required.

Endeavour Programme will work with clients to review their data suitability and discuss the business opportunities as a pre-requisite to any formal engagement. As a result, our technology can automatically clean clients’ data prior to machine learning commencement.

The major takeaway: Clients who do not have a digital transformation strategy should implement one. However, legacy data often holds enormous value, which can be intelligently used for future benefit.