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Initial Perceptions of AI

As Endeavour Programme engages with customers in the construction sector about Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Octant AI more specially, there has been an understanding of the concept of AI, but a limited depth of comprehension, until now. The success of Octant AI with our foundation customer has been crucial in demonstrating the benefits of AI.

There are many hurdles to overcome in forming or changing the perceptions of AI; from gaining initial interest to moving forward to the actual adoption phase. A common negative perception of AI is that it is a distraction from the important day jobs, or even just a costly gimmick. However, when projects are negatively affected by budgets or deadlines, the construction industry becomes consumed with trying to make a difference. Organisations are utilising the same information and assumptions that previous decisions were made from. Unless the information can be interpreted more accurately, how can the decisions improve?

Within the construction sector there are many innovators and leaders but also those who want to sit back and wait for others to take on the initial risk of AI implementation. Given that Octant AI has already proven itself in operational use across large portfolios of projects, the risk for others to follow is significantly decreasing.

We continue to engage with the industry and recognise the additional challenges COVID-19 has brought to the management of companies. However, organisations continue to make decisions based on the same information, methodologies and forecasts that they have always used. AI offers the benefit of being able to easily create an unbiased prediction to compare before and after.

Octant AI predictions offer an early warning system, where nothing you are being told now is taken for granted and all options are questioned and validated.