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BMD and Endeavour Programme Collaboration progresses to Implementation Phase

Over the last 12 months Endeavour Programme has been working closely with BMD Group Business Systems Manager Patrick Pearl to pilot the use of Octant. Data from almost 460 projects collected over seven years was used to demonstrate the business advantages of machine learning and artificial intelligence in predicting outcomes sooner than business norms and with greater accuracy.

Having completed several rounds of testing, our collaboration now moves into the implementation phase. We are working with a number of BMD senior managers and we expect to augment current business procedures with additional insights. Artificial intelligence predictions will alert these managers to projects with emerging cost over-runs and under-runs.

This beta “Civil Engineering” product is part of a suite of modules under development by Octant AI and Endeavour Programme. Octant AI will be comprised of three products; Plan, Predict and Prevent, established for use in sector and industry specific environments. Several versions exist to enable early adoption and migration to more powerful versions to reflect the evolution of companies’ data strategies and increasing confidence in identifying additional benefits from business data.

Octant AI has evolved from initial research conducted at Oxford by Technical Director Cuong Quang. In working with Principal Data Scientist, Dr. Chris Bartley and Enterprise Architect, Paul Young the pace of commercialisation is beginning to accelerate.

Endeavour Programme and BMD are presently implementing the enterprise version of Octant AI. In looking to the future Mr Pearl considers that digital transformation is essential.

We see benefits of being early adopters of technology and being innovative is part of the BMD Group business culture. Using our historical information and artificial intelligence is showing promising signs of improved commercial outcomes. We anticipate the next steps of implementation will provide tangible business benefits.”