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Tech entrepreneur solving mega-projects time and money

Oxford University Associate Scholar Cuong Quang is tackling issues that surround the effective delivery of mega-projects through his innovative artificial intelligence experience and research.

His technology and engineering solutions have already saved his clients tens of millions of dollars so far and have been improving productivity in the project industry for more than 15 years.

Mr Quang identified a golden opportunity to develop an artificial intelligence technology to benefit the project and programme management industry as well economies globally.

The technology, now known as Octant AI, uses machine learning and advanced data analytics to change the way projects respond to emergent risks and opportunities, identifying whether major projects and programmes are going to go over budget or over time.

It delivers insights earlier, faster and more accurately than has ever been possible, so that project owners, deliverers and financiers can make the right decision at the right time.

Mr Quang is no stranger to major projects, having worked as a Mechanical Engineer, Engineering Manager and Project Manager with big names such as Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, Chevron and others.

His resume also includes an impressive list of major oil and gas clients that have embraced Mr Quang’s machine learning work.

Whilst studying a Masters in Major Programme Management at Oxford, Mr Quang refined the concept of what would become Octant AI and partnered with fellow Oxford colleague David Porter, an established and successful businessman and the founder of Endeavour Programme.

Mr Quang said he had already received an offer from a large US company to purchase Octant AI, but he wanted to remain the driving force behind the technology and research.

“Endeavour Programme was established to deal with the problems of cost and time overrun in major projects. I saw an opportunity with Endeavour Programme to integrate my artificial intelligence technology as a core capability and as a strong commercialisation vehicle for my creation,” Mr Quang said.

“As Technology Director I have been able to use the resources of our firm to really develop the commercial applications for scaled use of Octant AI.

“It’s clear to me that Octant AI and other systems like it, will change the way projects are managed.  Right now we have the only system, and the field is developing fast.

“I’ve seen first-hand how these massive projects can change the fortunes of country economies and saw something needed to be done to fix the high tendency of project failure.

“I have committed the most important parts of my career to automation in major projects, so it’s very exciting to be able to demonstrate that artificial intelligence can be a solution to these commonly occurring and widely recognised budget and time overruns.”

Mr Quang said he hopes to continue to see the results of his work build the project management profession, strengthen economies around the world and create more jobs.

“I’ll continue to combine domain experience and artificial intelligence research to produce transformational results on a large scale in a sector that I’m very passionate about,” he said.

Octant AI is available to the industry, and Endeavour Programme is signing up partnering deals with global firms to leverage the technology for the benefit of major project clients worldwide.